Write in
San Diego
Write in San Diego 
with Laurie Sanders-Cannon
Affiliate, Amherst Writers & Artists 

Are you looking for a new form of creative expression? Could you use inspiration? Are you interested in writing?

Welcome to Write in San Diego!

Here you can learn about available writing workshops I lead in San Diego in the Amherst Writers and Artists (AWA) method. 

I believe that all people can write and writing is a wonderfully creative and empowering act. Each persons voice in a writing group is precious for its very uniqueness. The AWA method embodies this approach by valuing each person’s voice.

The AWA method is based on spontaneous writing exercises with positive group feedback, which encourages development of voice and craft. Contrary to many writing classes that feature homework and discouraging redline critiques, the AWA technique is to write extemporaneously from a prompt.  Writers then may share their writings aloud. All responses to the writing are positive, oral, and very specifically address the strengths of the writing. The group leader also writes and reads at each session.

The Amherst Writers and Artists workshop is right for those who want to write, or already write; want to increase creative expression, write more freely, develop voice, expand fiction writing, capture a personal story, and develop craft.

Write in San Diego workshops are lead by myself, Laurie Sanders-Cannon. I am an AWA affiliate, certified to lead workshops in the AWA method as described in Writing Alone and With Others by Pat Schneider, Oxford University Press. To learn more about AWA visit the AWA Website.

Inquiries, sign-ups and comments are invited through the contact page. 

I look forward to meeting you and writing together.


Laurie Sanders-Cannon

What some participants have written in their evaluations of earlier workshops:

“I liked the variety of exercises” -KD

“I appreciated the leader’s skill and knowledge of her craft” –MS

“I liked the encouragement to share, yet didn’t feel like I had to share. Enjoyed the variety of prompts and introduction to the use of prompts rather than just relying on imagination only” –AZ

“The prompts were stimulating, a terrific array of exercises” – M

“Too few sessions in the series” –CB

“I had a really good chance to explore my writing. In areas where I was stuck I was able to find a better flow”

“I best liked the safe environment created for the vulnerability of sharing” –JK

“Two things I liked best about this workshop are the quality of Laurie’s directions and hearing people’s stories with opportunities to speak and read” –PF

“It was wonderful” –JK

“Perfect facilitator- excellent in guiding groups” –BY

“I liked writing in response to a cue and hearing other writings responding to the same cue” –MC

“I liked the different prompts and sharing and receiving feedback” –AF

“The exercise in paired dialog was a treat” –LC

“Completely enjoyed it” –BY

“The variety of exercises was stimulating- helped to generate ideas and

creativity”   -KG

“…the class helped to free my voice and flow”

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